Purple Mattress Review (What I Really Think)

Our Review of the Purple Mattress

Are you looking for the perfect mattress that will provide you with maximum comfort and a great night's sleep? Well there’s no need to look any further, the purple mattress may just be exactly what you’re looking for. This state-of-the-art product sets itself apart from other mattresses on sale with its sleek design and superior construction.

pruple mattress review

By typing something like “best mattress 2018” into your web browser address bar, you will come across a large number of mattress brands, it can be so difficult to find the ideal mattress. What actually makes a mattress stand out from its competition? Is it the comfort, construction, shape, quality of materials, durability, firmness, or eco-friendliness? All of these factors matter along with the price.

In this review, we plan to give you all the information you need to know about the purple mattress. We plan to meet all the criteria mentioned above and even surpasses them in some aspects.

Time to get started and find out everything you need to know about this product!

Why Purchase the Purple Mattress?

Obviously, the main reason to buy this mattress is to get healthy, deep sleep. As you already know, good sleep is important for overall health. It can improve productivity, boost concentration, enhance athletic performance, sharpen attention, increase immune function, and much more.

On the other hand, a lack of sleep or poor sleep can give rise to numerous health issues such as heart disease, stress, depression, weight gain, and bad concentration.

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With that in mind, it's very important to buy an online mattress that will allow you to sleep comfortably in different positions. Many people toss and turn to find a comfortable position which sends them into a deep sleep.

This is not the case with a Purple Mattress. Its unique design provides maximum comfort and allows you to enjoy getting into bed at night, no more tossing and turning! You will sleep like a baby on it.

Should You Buy the Purple Mattress?

Finding a perfect product that suits everyone is a daunting challenge. Mattresses can be difficult to judge when you’re purchasing online which is why we feel it’s important to provide as much information as possible.

Teenagers have different requirements than seniors and adults, those who sleep on their back have different needs as opposed to those who sleep on their side and front, it really is personal preference when it comes to choosing a mattress!

What about this particular product? The purple mattress is engineered to every individual and suits a wide variety of needs. It's scientifically masterminded to fit with the human body for the best comfort. In fact, this advanced mattress has the ability to adapt to the body for top-notch personalized comfort.

Purple Mattress Features

All Purple products such as; seat cushions, pillows, mattresses etc. — use Smart Comfort Grid technology that is meant to provide comfy support and pressure relief allowing you to feel comfortable and supported. This is why the “purple bed” is considered to be the perfect bed.

As for the mattresses, there are two options to choose from: The Original Purple Mattress and The New Purple Mattress. Both are designed specifically to easily adapt to your body and promote better sleep.

What's the difference?

The original option comes with a standard 2-inch Smart Comfort Grid and double-layer foam base. The new model takes this to a whole new level with a coil base for responsive support and adaptable Smart Comfort Grid that offers a more personalized experience.

Purple Mattress Design

This sophisticated mattress is designed to support the natural contour of your body whilst sleeping in any position — back, side, stomach, and so on. It’s breathable open grid design ensures that you get the best night’s sleep, allowing you to be cool and comfortable all night long.
purple mattress technology

The mattress will stay temperature neutral invariably all the time which enables you to feel comfortable throughout the night no matter what the temperature, you will wake up fresh and happy every morning after getting a great night’s sleep from using the purple mattress.

Aside from this, the purple mattress boasts a sleek modern design to blend well with any type of interior!

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Construction of the Purple Mattress

The biggest upgrade for the purple mattresses is that the foam base layer is changed with responsive support coils that allow for motion isolation and superior comfort. As a result, you get nothing but comfort, support and the feeling that this mattress was made just for you!

Another big advantage of the purple mattress is that it can isolate motion with ease which means you'll be unlikely to feel your partner, kids, and pets when wiggling about.

There are three main components of this mattress:

  • Premium Stretch Cover
  • Customizable Smart Comfort Grid
  • Responsive Support Coils

Here's how this high-quality mattress is actually built:

  • Base layer: It consists of polypropylene fabric that encases responsive support coils on 1-inch 2.0 density foam.
  • Top layer: 2-, 3- or 4-inch elastic Polymer Smart Comfort Grid on 1/2-inch 2.0 density polyurethane foam.
  • Encasing: This part includes 2.0 density polyurethane foam.
  • Cover: It comprises two parts, top layer (98 percent polyester and 2 percent Spandex) and side panels that consist of quilted, woven fabric (99 percent polyester and 1 percent Spandex).

With so many layers, the comfort is guaranteed. Based on the thickness of the top layer, there are three options to pick from — purple 2, purple 3, and purple 4. A variety of options allows anyone to choose a comfort level that best fits his/her needs.

Choosing the Purple Mattress

Researching hundreds of mattress reviews is a pretty tedious task that takes a lot of time. To make it easier for you, we've put together a list of pros and cons. Check them out!

Purple Mattress Pros:

  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Highly durable
  • Supports your natural shape
  • Adapts according to any body type
  • Takes off the pressure
  • Breathable open grid design
  • Good edge support
  • A plethora of layers
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-Night Trial & Free Returns
  • Fairly priced

Purple Mattress Cons:

  • Not for people who like cheap models
  • Relatively young company
  • High demand which may delay shipping

Buying the Purple Mattress

Let us sum up how you may benefit from purchasing this product; The purple mattress has a smart comfort grid and premium stretch cover which allows you to feel as though it’s been designed purely for you! This means you get personalized support and it is customizable and can adapt to different body types regardless of sleep position.

Other benefits include progressive levels of pressure-relieving comfort for optimal sleep, breathable design that involves temperature-neutralizing air movement and zero motion transfer and a sleek design. To make your decision even easier you will benefit from a 10 Year Warranty, along with a trial for 100 nights to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

Grab this opportunity and get the most out of your sleep. You will be waking up refreshed in the morning and ready to start the day, the right way!

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