Our Brands

We at ESN Products pride ourselves on designing, sourcing, manufacturing and most importantly branding the very best products for the public. We are aware that customers are after products/brands that they can rely on and that is exactly what we are creating at ESN Products.

Our current brands are SleepEase, BeautEase and TravPack. All three of these brands have grown from a real passion of ours to provide products that genuinely improve the quality of life of our customers and solve many of the day to day issues people face. What's more, despite our brands being of premium quality, we ensure all of our products are at affordable prices.

For example our current range of SleepEase products all specialise in their very own way to help ease the problems faced with Snoring (vents and strips), Bruxism (mouth guards) and Blepharitis (eye mask) respectively. Our promise it to continue to provide products like this and grow our stock to keep giving the public the "problem solving" goods that make life that little bit better and easier.