How to Stop Snoring

Once sleep apnea is ruled out as an underlying cause of snoring, it’s time to get serious about treating this condition if it is disturbing your sleep or that of your partner. Lack of sleep is of grave concern to anyone who is getting less than eight hours each night.

Leave Snoring Behind

Inadequate sleep causes decreased productivity, poor decision-making skills, reduced energy, and a plethora of additional undesirable consequences. Plus, these woes are all felt by your spouse when snoring is severe enough to keep them up at night.

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There are a lot of techniques that may be of great assistance when you want to stop snoring and get back to sleep. These safe, easy-to-use techniques are designed for use by anyone who is suffering from severe snoring, utilizing different techniques that work to reduce the underlying causes of snoring.

If you want to know how to stop someone snoring, the techniques and products below are those you should introduce into your life.

How to Stop Snoring Exercises

A recent study published in the American College of Chest Physicians’ journal indicates that individuals who participate in mouth exercises regularly snore less than those who do not participate in mouth exercises.

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Many different exercises work to help strengthen the soft tissues in the upper airway, reducing the floppy tissue in the throat that causes vibrations, and in turn, preventing or considerably minimizing snoring.  Exercises that may help you stop snoring includes:

  • Suck your tongue while holding it against the roof of the mouth for 30 seconds, two to three times per day
  • Slide your tongue back and forth while sticking it on the roof of the mouth
  • Press your cheek muscle away from your teeth 10 times. Use your finger to push the cheek

To enjoy the full benefits these exercises provided, it is important that you are performing them on a regular basis. Those muscles, like many others in the body, will forget the work that you’ve done if you stop performing the exercises. Plan to add these stop snoring exercises into your daily routine for the best results.

What Causes Snoring in Females?

Most women laugh or poke fun at their spouses who snore, almost sure that it isn’t an act they’re committing. But, this isn’t always true, as an estimated 30% of all women snore regularly. Women generally find snoring far more of a struggle than men, as it is embarrassing and can cause a variety of confidence and self-esteem issues.

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Once sleep apnea is ruled out as the culprit of snoring, women can breathe easier knowing that it is likely only a temporary issue that can be treated with one or more of the awesome OTC stop snoring aids that’s out there today. But, exactly why do women snore when it is believed to be a condition that bothers only men?

Women snore for most of the same reasons that a man snores. Perhaps she is carrying around a bit of extra weight, or maybe it’s the sleep position chosen. But, along with the usual reasons for snoring,  many additional causes of snoring in women exist. Some of the causes of snoring in females include:


For women, stress is known as ‘the silent killer.’ The symptoms of stress affect many aspects of your health, from your ability to sleep at night to your cardiovascular health. It can also cause you to snore.


Women lead full lives, oftentimes working full-time jobs, taking care of kids and the home, and tending to other duties of life. As such, exhaustion quickly sets in on top of the already amped-up stress. When she finally relaxes, she’ll likely fall into a deep sleep that can increase the odds of snoring.


Estrogen and other changing hormones can cause a woman who’s never before snored to begin this trend for the next nine months. Added pressure on the body is yet another reason that pregnant women are more likely to snore.

Weight Gain

Overweight and obese women are at a greater risk of snoring. The increased risk of snoring is in relation to the added skin around the neck, which can block the throat.

How to Sleep When Someone is Snoring

Wondering how to sleep when someone is snoring? If you’re missing out on those much-needed hours of sleep, you’ll be relieved to know that there’s an abundance of tricks and techniques that can help you get back to sleep. Try one or more of the following methods and you’ll be catching those ZZZs in no time.

  • Go to bed before the snorer! Chances are good that sleep will come easier if you’re in the bed and already well into dreamland before the snorer has a chance to climb in the bed. Furthermore, catching a few extra minutes of sleep can enhance your day tremendously!
  • Custom-shaped ear plugs fit comfortably inside the ears, drowning out all outside noises without disturbing sleep. Many people use the earplugs when there is a snorer in the bed. If budget is of concern, traditional earplugs are also available at a lesser cost, though custom-made earplugs are usually reasonably priced.
  • White noise machines offer soothing noises that isolate snoring and other unpleasant sounds, helping you relax, unwind, and sleep wonderfully. Many machines are available for purchase, each offering its own pros and cons, as well as price points. Compare these options to find the most useful machine for your needs.
  • Everyone enjoys listening to music. If you’re one of those people, playing soft sounds before you hit the sheets can help you drift off peacefully, without interference from a snoring partner. Personal Bluetooth speakers work wonderfully, or you may prefer to use a pair of headphones.
  • Sleep aids are also available. Some people who find it impossible to sleep, despite their best efforts, use these aids to help them accomplish a good night’s rest. It certainly helps you drift off faster and stay asleep, even when there is someone in the bed snoring loudly.

These are a few of the best techniques that you can use to get the sleep that you need when someone is snoring and sleeping in the bed with you. Use one or more of these tips to benefit you.

Stop Snoring: Top-Rated Anti-Snoring Products for 2018

Once you’re back to sleep and well-rested, it is time to help your partner kick the snoring habit! Just as there are numerous products designed to help you sleep with a snorer in the bed, there are also many over-the-counter stop snoring aids that can help your partner, too.

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The anti-snoring aids listed below are among the top-recommended products used by snorers around the world. These products have helped them stop snoring and get the sleep they need each night. Expect the same results after you’ve researched and found the right product.

Threaded Snore Vents

The Threaded Snore Vents improve breathing as you sleep. Improved breathing reduces snoring, and enhances your chances of getting back to sleep. The vents are made from BPA-free, soft silicone material that fits comfortably inside the nose at night.

Four sizes of vents ensure that the perfect fit is found, ensuring a great night of comfortable rest. The nearly invisible design is one that many appreciate, and the fact that the vents are 100% safe only adds more assurance in the product’s features and functionality.

The enhanced sleep enjoyed with the use of the snore vents is the biggest reason to use the product, though there are far more benefits than this alone. Users of the Threaded Snore Vents breath better, suffer from fewer headaches and reduces dry mouth and headache.

Basket Snore Vents

Basket Snore Vents are one of the most popular anti-snoring devices out there today, successfully helping thousands of men and women get back to sleep. These vents are constructed of soft silicone material that fits comfortably inside the nostrils during sleep.

Most users report they forget the vents are even inside their nose! The vents work to open the nasal passageways for better breathing. In turn, you snore less and sleep more. Basket Vents are affordably priced and easy-to-use, which accounts for some of their popularity. Men and women can use the basket snore vents with the confidence of attaining the desired results.

Nasal Strips

Clogged sinuses make it hard to breathe. Your clogged throat also causes the flappy tissue to vibrate against the throat more so than normally. Using nasal strips alleviates two worries in one, clearing the passageways so you can breathe better while also putting an end to snoring and the sleepless nights that result.

Many different nasal strips are available for purchase, each reasonably priced, easy-to-use, and designed to provide immediate results for just about anyone bothered by congestion. The strips affix to the nose, with one sticky side that keeps it in place all throughout the night.

You’ll likely forget that it is there before the morning. When the sun rises, you’ll feel renewed and ready to start the day the right way for a change. Compare the nasal strips brands, styles, and options, and put a stop to those sleepless nights spent snoring.

Smart Pillows

Is there a pillow that can help you stop snoring? As out-of-this-world as it might sound, there is an anti-snoring pillow that can put an end to this problem. The state-of-the-art product works with any Bluetooth device, emitting a gentle nudge when snoring is detected.

The nudge doesn’t wake the snorer but instead nudges them so they’ll stop snoring. The easy-to-use pillows are comfortable, so not only will you enjoy a night free of snoring, but you'll relax and unwind, too.

Pillows are available in several sizes and in a variety of styles, each offering its own price point. Although costlier than some of the other recommended products, the anti-snoring pillows provide prompt, efficient results that most do not mind spending more for to achieve. Compare the various pillows to find the most compatible option for your needs.

Anti-Snoring Supplements

Anti-snoring supplements are another great product that people use to help them stop snoring and get back to sleep. Many supplements are out there, so carefully browse the selection to find a product most beneficial to your needs.

Choose an all-natural product that contains proven ingredients and that is backed by a good reputation and a guarantee. When you choose a product made from all-natural ingredients, you can effortlessly use the product safely and without worry.

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Read reviews of the various supplements as well. Many reviews are available online at no cost and provide helpful information that leads you to the perfect anti-snoring product.

Chin Straps

Stop snoring chin straps are comfortable devices that wrap around the face and head while you sleep. A number of chin straps brands and styles are out there, each offering its own price range, features, and pros and cons.

As you’d research any stop snoring device before purchase, researching the available chin straps is equally important when you want a worthwhile product. Most chin straps are adjustable, which is an important feature since all head and face shapes are unique.

A chin strap works by holding the jaw together to prevent snoring. Many users report amazing benefits from the use of a chin strap, and you might very well find the same results.

Final Thoughts

Snoring may seem harmless, and for many people, there’s no worry in a few of the strange nasally noises during sleep. But, for those who know all-too-well how snoring can negatively impact life, the stop snoring advice and products above are available to help.

how to stop snoring

It doesn't matter how long you’ve been snoring or the methods that you choose to put it to an end, as long as you take the first step and find the techniques most suitable to your needs. It is important that you sleep well at night and snoring shouldn’t interfere.

If you’re ready to wake to feel revived, refreshed, and energized as you should, it is time to make a change and put a stop to snoring once and for all! Have a look at the shop, they offer a range of anti-snoring devices that may well suit your needs.