Why You Should Use Mosquito Bands Instead of Spray

Why You Should Use Mosquito Bands Instead of Spray

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Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Mosquito Bands

Mosquitoes are the real bane of human society. They are the most annoying creatures in the world. Sometimes it feels like they have absolutely no ecological value. All they do is vampirically drink your blood and cause a lot of pain.

There have been many proposed solutions to mosquitoes over the years. Many of these have risen to popularity because of the diseases spread by mosquitoes around the world, including Zika, the West Nile Virus, dengue fever, and malaria.

Children and the elderly are at risk of death when exposed to these conditions, therefore, finding a solution to this problem is necessary. 

Below are 3 reasons why you should consider using mosquito bands to help prevent these insects from harming you. 

1. The Repellents Could be Harming Us Even More

One of the biggest issues with the mosquito prevention methods of today is that they use toxic chemicals to keep the insects away. The most common type of repellent used is a spray.

The spray is easy to use, fun and smells good because of the synthetic smell induced in it. It is sprayed directly onto the skin and keeps the mosquitoes away very efficiently indeed.

Mosquito spray more harmful

However, there is a very real danger to using such a spray on your skin, or on that of your child – the chemicals. Most atomizers use a chemical compound commonly known as DEET. 

As the most requested repellent in the world, this spray is used in combination with other proprietary chemicals. All these chemicals applied directly to your skin every day for months can’t be good for you at all.

Think about it, if you start sweating during an outdoor activity, those chemicals are entering your pores directly. For a safer alternative, these bracelets can be used during any physical activity. You can control mosquitos while gardening and playing sports, all while staying safe!

2. Mosquito Bands are Infused with Natural Oils

Infused with natural oils that serve to repel mosquitoes when placed around your wrist, a new, less commonly used solution to the bug problem is a wristband or ankle band.

They work in the same way as essential oil diffusers – giving you a protective aura that can prevent the worst of the bug bites from getting through to your skin.

One of the most prominent benefits of this type of insect repellent method, when compared to the spray, is of course, the lack of chemicals like DEET.

This method isn’t as all-encompassing as a spray – you have to pair it with clothing and measures to avoid mosquitos. It is a very effective way to protect any exposed skin from bites.

3. The Bands Last for Ages

Mosquito bands are better than spray without a doubt because they last for a few days without needing to be replaced. You can use a single band for about 120 hours if you want.

Storing the band in plastic bags can increase the lifetime of the strap. You only need the repellent towards evening anyway, so you can take it out when necessary.

Use a mosquito band for outdoor activities

Among the many other perks of using a wristband is that it is perfect for outdoor activity. You can wear it when you go swimming, hiking, or camping. The water or sweat won’t affect the aura that the band has on the mosquitos in the area.

Conversely, if you were to go swimming after using a DEET spray, you would wind up having to put the spray on again, which is a lot of hassle. Using mosquito bands over spray is completely justified and extremely logical because of these reasons and more.

Prevent Mosquito Bites with Infused Bands!

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