Sleeping Products for Babies

Sleeping Products for Babies

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Getting your baby to sleep can be quite the ordeal, but fortunately, Sleep Made to Measure has a wide assortment of sleep products for babies and kids available, allowing you, the tired parent, to put your child to sleep quickly, and with the utmost safety so that you can rest easy.

Choosing the Best Sleeping Products for Babies

All of the Sleep Made to Measure’s quality products are resistant to allergens and bacteria, dust mite proof, and free of chemicals. They’re also free of petroleum and fully biodegradable. You can even use the material as compost when the time comes to dispose of it.

Why is all this important? Chemical-based sleeping products for babies pose a specific kind of risk since children still have a developing immune system and should never be exposed to potentially harmful substances.

All the more reason to consider the following selection of products when trying to find a place for your infant to rest their head.

Baby Change Mat

best sleeping products for kids

This change mat will help to ensure that not only will your baby be comfortable while he or she’s being changed, but also as safe as can be. The material used in its creation is naturally allergy resistant, and the change mat's organic latex helps to give it even more benefits.

The many benefits of this change mat will keep your baby perfectly safe and comfortable. It will reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals, and the expert molding allows you to change your baby quickly and efficiently, and since the latex contours around your child’s body, the change mat will support their body and allow them to rest comfortably.

Bassinet Mattress

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If you’re looking for sleep products for your infant, then consider this bassinet mattress. Its dual layers of certified organic latex are perfect for supporting their tiny frame. Most mattresses of this nature are foam, and as such, aren’t the least bit organic. Why is that? Foam is created with the use of a high quantity of chemicals.

The mattresses come in one size, and if required, they can easily be cut down to smaller sizes and shapes depending on the need of your child. They’re reversible, as well. If one side wears out, don’t hesitate to flip it over. The cover is also cotton and can be easily washed.

Toddler’s First Pillow

pillows for babies

The first step toward healthy sleeping habits is giving them their first pillow. Developing healthy sleeping habits is, after all, one of the most important aspects of growing, and with that comes the importance of quality neck and head support.

If your toddler is having trouble sleeping at night, one of Sleep Made to Measure’s quality pillows will surely help them sleep through to the morning. Do note, however, that this pillow is not recommended for children under 12 months of age.

Child-sized Pillow (Available in Various Sizes)

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If your child wakes up sneezing in the mornings, then it’s a great idea to consider a fully organic latex pillow, one that’s resistant to any allergens or bacteria and does not allow dust mites to propagate. Once your toddler has graduated from their first pillow, they’ll need another, one that will vary in size to match your child’s age.  No matter how large your little one has become, Sleep Made to Measure has a pillow that’s perfect for them.

Crib Mattress

best mattress for crib

Sleep Made to Measure’s organic latex crib mattresses double as playmats, and since the manufacturing process for these sleep products for kids does not include any type of foam materials, they will ensure the best safety and health for your growing child.

Since your child’s lungs and immune system are still developing, having them sleep on a safer mattress that’s resistant to allergens and bacteria will help them breathe easy and away from any harmful substances.

The cover of this and many of the other Sleep Made to Measure products are also easy to remove, wash and dry. Each mattress also comes with two separate layers, allowing you to swap them out as your child grows.


baby playmat

Children love to play. Ensure that they’re playing in the safest of environments with Sleep Made to Measure’s allergen and bacteria resistant playmat. They’re far safer than foam alternatives, which use by-products petrochemical industry in their production.

Sleep Made to Measure’s latex also has no vinyl, allergens, or phthalates. That last one has been linked to an entire host of issues, from asthma to behavioral issues. Phthalates are certainly something you want to limit exposing to your child to.

Organic Sleeping Support Pillow

sleeping support pillow

When your baby is still in his or her crib, a great support pillow will ensure that your little loved one will develop the posture to allow them to sleep comfortably and soundly through the night, all while providing you with the health benefits of Sleep Made to Measure’s latex.

The pillow is also versatile, allowing you to support different parts of your child’s body depending on where it’s placed. Place it in front of your child, under them, or behind their back to support their neck and shoulders, knees, or back, respectively.

More About the Latex

On the inside, Sleep Made for Measure’s latex looks a lot like a honeycomb. All this extra space allows more room for air. More than this – all organic latex is 100% natural, but not all-natural latex is also organic. Truly organic latex features a seal of approval from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). You can see that seal on all their sleep products.

The latex is also fully biodegradable and can be used as compost once the time comes to dispose of them. Simply break them up into smaller parts and integrate them into your garden. The environment will thank you!

Choosing Sleeping Products for Babies

Sleep Made for Measure’s high-quality sleep products for babies will ensure that your infant, toddler, or even older, will sleep safely and soundly. I hope you’ve found this article useful.

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