Is Sleeping on the Floor Bad for Me?

Is Sleeping on the Floor Bad for Me?

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Beds haven’t always existed, nor have box springs, or mattresses, or bedframes for that matter. For generations, people were sleeping on the floor, and though this has mostly gone out of style in the west, there are still cultures in the east that practice this way of life. As for our ancestors, they predominately slept on the ground, or even in trees.

Beds, all things considered, are more of a recent development, and a luxury. They – and mattresses for that matter – have become an intrinsic part of our lives. We can spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for the best night’s sleep possible, but is all that necessary? Can we instead just plop down on the ground and simply sleep on the floor?

Just think of the money you’d save. Not to mention the flexibility of it – you could sleep practically anywhere, but before you decide to convert your floor into a floor bed, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How to Sleep on the Floor

How to sleep on the floor seems like it should be obvious, right? You lay down on the floor, and you sleep. However, jumping right in is almost certainly an ill-conceived notion. You must ease yourself in, gracefully – slowly.

It’s going to be uncomfortable at the onset.

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Before moving yourself from the bed to the floor, consider changing how you’re sleeping in your current bed for a few nights to acclimate yourself to the change. Try switching sides, or removing additional padding, or switching rooms if possible. This way, when you do start sleeping on the floor, it won’t be an enormous shock to your system.

Then, once you do make the transition to the floor, start out slow. Lay plenty of blankets on the floor for extra cushioning. Or if you have a mattress topper, lay that down and sleep on it. Sleeping on the floor will work more muscles, so expect to wake a little sore as you get used to it – which is why we’ve started off with additional padding. As you go, gradually remove that padding. Eventually, you want it there to only be a thin layer of cushioning between you and the floor.

Sleeping Positions in Floor Bed

As for which position to sleep in – the opinion on that varies greatly. Some say that sleeping on your back is best, as it reduces strain and can also help to reduce pain. Others say that the side of the stomach is the better choice.

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Sleeping on your side helps to keep the vertebrae of your spine aligned, and – in the unlikely event you’re sleeping out in the wilderness – using your arms as a pillow will help to keep your mouth closed and keep any bugs from getting inside. And when you sleep on your stomach, with your forearms underneath your head, your elbows will be pushed out and that will also help to keep your spine straight.

Basically, the bottom line is the various positions all provide a different kind of spinal support when sleeping on the floor, so stick with whatever feels more comfortable, or – better yet – try something new, and who knows, your back may thank you.

Benefits of Using Floor Mattress for Sleeping

One of the most pronounced benefits for sleeping on the floor boils down to your back. It has been known to alleviate back pain, and in many circumstances, people who have made the switch to sleeping on the floor have found that their back pain is all but gone. Moving to the floor may also help to improve your posture. If you can’t sit up straight without a little pain, then it’s certainly something to consider.

Mattresses offer varying levels of support, and typically the more expensive the mattress, the better its support will be, but in certain circumstances, the sinking sensation of a mattress can help to enflame back pain.

Sleeping on the floor can help to alleviate this. The ground, being as hard as it is, will help to keep your spine straight, and though many people find mattresses to be far more comfortable, comfort can only go so far when you wake up with an aching back every morning.

Wake Up Rested

Sleeping on the floor can also help you to feel more energic when you wake up, and the reason for this is actually somewhat ironic. The floor is simply not as comfortable as a bed. Beds are luxurious. They will make you want to lay there all day if you can. Floors are anything but.

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You’ll have a little more trouble falling asleep, and when you wake up, you won’t want to lounge around in bed for twenty minutes before starting your day. You’ll be driven to get out of bed whilst also feeling well rested.

The Drawbacks to Sleeping on the Floor

Sleeping on the floor suited our ancestors quite well, and if you want to take the plunge, there are quite a few positives, but there are also a few drawbacks to consider.

Exposure to the Cold

For starters, you’ll be susceptible to the elements, especially when it cold. As we all know, hot air rises, so the air closest to the ground will be the coolest air in your home. This is great during the summer, but during the winter, it will potentially just leave you shivering.

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More than that, if your floor is the type that may hold the frigid air, such as concrete or hardwood, during the coldest of winter nights, you may feel as though you’re sleeping on an ice cube, but a space heater can help that situation. Just be sure to keep it far enough away from your bedding to avoid a fire.

Medical Conditions

If you’re someone who suffers from a medical condition that forces you to sleep a certain way, or on a certain type of mattress, then sleeping on the floor is something you’ll want to avoid unless otherwise suggested by your doctor.

Of course, if you’re closer to the ground, then you’re close to anything that might be crawling around on it. Sure, bugs can find their way onto your bed, but they have a few more hurdles to climb. When you’re sleeping on the floor, they have much easier access. While most bugs want as little to do with you as possible, if you’re someone with a sensitivity toward them, this is something to take into consideration.

Best of Both Worlds

Sleeping on the floor provides one huge benefit – support. While ditching your bed and moving to the floor may help to alleviate back pain – or perhaps even improve your posture – you’re still having to grow accustomed to the new sleeping arrangements, or the lack of comfort to be more precise.

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It’s a lot to sacrifice when all you really need is more support across your body. A high-quality mattress will provide similar benefits, and you’ll be sleeping in style. We recently had the pleasure of reviewing Purple’s high-quality mattress.

The Purple mattress is constructed in a clever way, it will support your back just as well as sleeping on the floor, and it won’t be as hard or as uncomfortable. Before you consider sleeping on the floor, be sure to check out Purple’s new mattress – the customer reviews speak for themselves.

If you still want to give sleeping on the floor a go, try removing your frame and box spring from the equation, this way you’ll just be using a floor mattress for sleeping. The box spring and frame, after all, are entirely optional.

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