How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth While Sleeping

How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth While Sleeping

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Grinding your teeth can really hurt the health of your mouth and teeth, wearing them down over time. This can affect your overall oral health and hygiene as well, which can lead to other problems.

It can be especially problematic when you are doing it at night, as you don’t always realize you’re doing it and it can be difficult to stop.

3 Ways to Help Stop You From Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep

However, there are things you can do that will help you to stop grinding your teeth at night. There are a number of different ways to stop teeth grinding or bruxism.

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Different tactics will work for different people and circumstances, so you should be aware of what you’ll do consistently and be able to fit best into your lifestyle.

Our list of 4 things you can do should help you break the habit:

Reduce Stress

Stress is a huge factor in a lot of peoples lives, especially impacting their health.

It’s important to monitor and manage your stress in order to maintain proper health in many areas of your life, and this is no different when it comes to oral health.

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Stress can often lead to you clenching and grinding your teeth, so reducing your stress may help to reduce the frequency of the problem altogether!

Get Adequate Sleep

Another problem that affects many areas of your life and which can increase your stress is not getting enough sleep.

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By making sure you get adequate sleep, you can help reduce your stress. More than that, you can help get into a good sleep routine, reducing your chances of grinding your teeth in your sleep.

Purchase a Mouthguard

Although mouthguards do not cure your teeth-grinding problem, they do help stop it and ensure that you don’t do it while wearing the device.

This is great for grinding teeth during the night and while sleeping, because you are often not able to control your teeth grinding while sleeping.

The most immediate means of stopping the effects is to inhibit your ability to grind your teeth altogether.

That’s why mouthguards are an effective, efficient, and affordable choice for your bruxism.

Mandibular Advancement Device

A mandibular advancement device moves your tongue and lower jaw.

Not only does this help with grinding your teeth, but also your breathing during sleep, which is ideal for people with sleep apnea or similar issues.

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These devices work by moving the tongue forward and the jaw down, helping to open the passageway.

Although these devices are a little more invasive, they produce longer term results that actually help combat your teeth-grinding habit rather than just preventing the problem, as dental mouthguards do.

Solutions for Teeth Grinding During Sleep

Ultimately, the level of treatment you need for teeth-grinding will depend on how bad the habit is and how much it’s affecting you. If it’s severe, you’ll probably want to purchase a device that helps cure the problem.

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If it’s minor, some lifestyle changes like reducing stress and ensuring a good sleep pattern could help correct the problem.

It really boils down to what you need; we suggest trying a few and seeing what works best for you! For more information about how our products can help, visit our shop! We can also answer any questions you have on our contact page!

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