Choosing the Best Blackhead Removal Kit

Choosing the Best Blackhead Removal Kit

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Tips for Choosing a Blackhead Removal Kit

Are you getting sick and tired of those nasty blackheads making you look anything less than perfect? Acne-like blackheads are annoying to deal with and can be a real pain.

Thankfully, there are tools out there that are made to help you remove these with as little pain as possible. They are also sterile, easy to use, and are non-invasive. These little tools can make your life a lot easier and are called comedone extractor kits.

How do you go about choosing the best extractor for you? Here are some tips to help you!

Identify Your Acne Problems

The first step you need to take when selecting the best extractor is to determine the type of acne you have. There are two kinds of tools to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

Removal kit for blackheads

Blackheads are removed using a loop remover. The tool has one or two small loops at either end. Do not confuse this with a whitehead remover, which is a pen shape with a sharp point that can pierce your skin.

When choosing a blackhead removal kit, it might be a good idea to get one that has a loop on one end and the point on the other, for more versatility.

What Material is it Made of?

This next question is what you must ask when buying a removal tool. Stainless steel or metal are the best tools that aren't prone to rust. Don’t buy a plastic extractor – they are cheaper than they are far less durable.

You could find that the more stubborn blackheads require more pressure on the tool than plastic can handle, leading to a bent or broken appliance. It is also easier to sterilize a removal kit that is made of metal because you can place it in boiling water to kill all the bacteria in the loop.

What Size is the Loop?

Think about the blackheads you tend to get on your face. Is their average size around the same as the loop on the remover? The larger the loop is, the less pressure will be implemented on the actual blackhead. Because of this, the blackhead’s insides might not even slide out.

blackhead remover for clear skin

Always have a loop that is of the same size or slightly larger than the blackhead itself. If you’re in doubt, get a double-looped removal kit, or a kit with more than one tool.

Should I Buy a Comedone Gun?

While the usual blackhead removal kit consists of a small metal or plastic rod with the loops at the end, there is another type called the Comedone gun. This small plastic gun can suck the blackhead’s insides out.

While it might seem like a promising alternative, the suction is typically not enough to get all of the material in the blackhead. This tool is also harder to sterilize, which can result in an infection or larger problems.

Get Started with BeautEase Blackhead Removal Kit

When choosing a blackhead removal kit, consider the material, the size of the loops, and what kind of acne problems you have. With these factors in mind, choose a removal tool that is right for you and get magnificent skin in no time at all!

The BeautEase Blackhead Removal Kit is designed for anyone with blackheads, acne, whiteheads, blemishes, and more! Keep your skin looking clean and smooth when you order the 5 piece kit today.

Contact us with any questions you may have about the kit and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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